Interactive Teacher Avatar

Functional Description

The  Intelligent  Digital Teacher  avatar interface brings  the human element to the  learning experience. An interactive, intelligent avatar with the best characteristics of a professional teacher is designed to reach out to the student learner and build an initial rapport as well as establish a longstanding,  positive learning relationship. During the learning experience the avatar performs the role of a “best teacher”, offering encouragement, guidance, instruction and support at key moments in the learning experience. The avatar works in tandem with the MindWalk IDT artificial intelligence  inference engine (intelligent tutor) to assure that the student receives the best possible learning experience in the least amount of time.

Development Required

The following components are required to build the Interactive Teacher Avatar Interface:
  1.   Character design
  2.   Physical character build
  3.   Body double, speech, and mannerisms
  4.   Game engine integration / development
  5.   Integration with MindWalk IDT Intelligent Tutor
  6.   Project management


The Interactive Teacher Avatar will have the following features / capabilities:
  1. Physical appearance:
    1. Lifelike
    2. Half-body
    3. Male / female
  2. Behavioral attributes (i.e., ability to)
    1. Gesture
    2. Emote
    3. Move in a “human” manner
    4. Respond to verbal communication 5.  Respond to written communications
  3. Knowledge attributes
    1. Course-specific
    2. Metadata about the student
    3. Effective teaching principles