The Technology

Enabling Technology

MindWalk  is the owner and developer of AI-based Intelligent Digital Teacher (IDT)  learning technology with the ability to personalize the learning experience, emulating the best qualities of human teachers with an emphasis on teaching to the level of the student and focusing on skill and knowledge  deficiency to optimize the time spent learning. IDT  rapidly  identifies  areas where  a person needs  assistance and zeroes  in on them until the person  demonstrates mastery. This approach can save valuable time and money.

The  MindWalk  ledger system  is based on blockchain  technology. Blockchain technology, often associated with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, is literally what it says, a chain of data blocks, each of which contains transactions that are encoded for security, and linked or chained to their predecessor and successor blocks by a mathematically derived and unique “address”, or public key.

In addition MindWalk is developing intelligent avatar technology through the efforts of a separate company – Austin Robotix.  Each technology is described in more detail in this segment.