Mindwalk Token

The Mindwalk Token 

MindWalk’s Tokens: Bridging the Learning Gap

The primary vehicle for implementation of the MindWalk IDT Protocol is the MindWalk  token. The Mindwalk token is an ERC20 compatible token, built on the Ethereum blockchain for wide compatibility and existing wallets, exchanges, smart contracts and other financial infrastructures.

The MindWalk native token serves these key purposes:

  1. The  token  is intended  to serve as an inducement for creating Intelligent Digital  Trainer course authoring software.  This includes IDT software development  kits (SDKs) as well as native content that will be built for the IDT blockchain by MindWalk’s production entity and 3rd party developers.
  2. To help facilitate MindWalk’s development of a pre-production prototype of the IDT avatar teacher and the SDK. For a projection of token sale allocation, please see “Funding Distribution and Auditing.”
  3. To organically motivate IDT courseware development and peer review of content on the IDT blockchain with  Mindwalk tokens.
  4. For use with MindWalk-run promotions and incentive programs.

MindWalk Token Issuance Details

About MindWalk’s Token

The  MINDW token is the  heart of the MindWalk  IDT Protocol “Learning Innovation  Engine”. This will be a mechanism that powers the engine in order to implement the MindWalk IDT Protocol.  The Mindwalk token is the integral component that links everything together. The  token:

  1. Facilitates the creation of a user platform.
  2. Serves as a medium of exchange by and among course  developers, MindWalk Learning advertisers, and educational consultants.
  3. Is  the value-sensitive  barometer of the efficacy  and value creation capability  of the MindWalk IDT engine, protocol and platform.

Taken collectively, these factors point to a mechanism with incredible potential and great longevity. The  Mindwalk token aims to be an instrument of emergent empowerment.  We are witnessing the emergence of a new era in human learning driven by the enabling sustainability and disruptive power of the  Mindwalk token.

Access to Exclusive Services and Rights

 Token holders have the following rights and opportunity:

  1. The ability to exclusively create, sell and distribute branded learning products.
  2. Limited access to free course development consultation and assistance.
  3. Limited access to  free technical assistance and support.

A Preferred Utility for Stakeholders

The  token is designed to deliver value to all stakeholders in the MindWalk value chain:

  1. Entrepreneur Token Holders. Token holders of a minimum of $5,000 in tokens are exempted from the standard requirement that MindWalk course developers supply a generic version of each course the develop for contribution to the MindWalk public commons. This  provision offers the exempted  token holder the opportunity  to create MindWalk IDT-based courses and sell them exclusively in the marketplace.
  2. Advertisers. Advertisers on the MindWalk Learning website may advertise their products and services, with the token serving as the required payment currency.
  3. Education Consultants. Learning experts and course development consultants may offer their services to entities engaged in MindWalk course development.They are required to pay a registration fee using tokens.
  4. Third Party App Builders. Third party software developers are encouraged to offer their branded  products to course developers and MindWalk end users as value-adds  to MindWalk shareware. Purchasers receive a discount for purchases made with  tokens.
  5. Public End Users. Members of the public engaged in learning on the MindWalk Learning website may purchase third-party goods and services (i.e., engage in commerce)  at a discount with  tokens. 

Role and Value of the Mindwalk Token

Mindwalk  is a global  crypto-economic  blockchain-driven  community where both  users of the network and its creators have real skin in the game, and a shared set of goals and beliefs. This dynamic creates a fundamentally different alignment of incentives and allows direct participation of  early supporters of the project, much more in line with what decentralized projects aim to accomplish – a service and network governed directly by its own users.

Creating tokens that harness the full power of the distributed MindWalk IDT model is a primary concern. A well-designed  token increases in value along with the network. It incentivizes the community and early adopters to use, participate,  spread and evangelize the platform that it represents. This bootstraps a global community where everyone shares incentives to make the project grow and succeed.

Determining the role of the Mindwalk token is a crucial element of our blockchain startup. In the blockchain-driven distribution economy, tokens are at the core of a project. Unlike equity, tokens represent a unique link between value and functionality.

We  are creating  a cryptocurrency  linked directly to  the effectiveness of  the MindWalk IDT Learning Innovation Engine. With Mindwalk tokens, purchasers can help develop and experience the  IDT revolution. MindWalk is developing an IDT blockchain ecosystem called MindWalk Learning which will automatically drive native courseware and app creation and peer review of MindWalk IDT technology creations.

In the MindWalk ecosystem the value of the token is directly linked to the success of our MindWalk Intelligent Digital Trainer services. The Mindwalk token powers the interactions on the platform, and will be used to gain access and usage rights for MindWalk’s IDT apps and SDK. They will also be used to pay for third-party apps.

Ultimately, MindWalk Learning blockchain will be an entirely native ecosystem where one may develop  and download intelligent training courseware solely via MindWalk IDT course creation technology.   MindWalk will act as a decentralized provider of intelligent learning productivity tools that empower courseware  developers by making powerful new course creation capabilities available in the form of shareware. This will free MindWalk courseware developers from the heavy fees  levied on them by existing ecosystems, instead rewarding them for their efforts with MindWalk IDT tools and services, in addition to whatever profits they  see from product app purchases, subscriptions and the like.



MindWalk Exchange Rate

The  value  of the token, and how  much  will  be required to purchase  a MindWalk product or service,  will change dynamically based on  the floating exchange value of the token. An  average  exchange rate  value will be calculated  periodically and used to price MindWalk goods and services for its users.

Use Cases for Mindwalk Tokens

MindWalk must establish and maintain liquidity for the  token  in order for it to be viable. This is achieved via multiple use cases that have been created for MindWalk.  While it is impossible to imagine all of the potential use cases for the token, several are mentioned below:

  1. IDT  Courseware  Development.  Courseware  developers access  the MindWalk IDT shareware  and Software Development Kit  to prepare proprietary courses.  The courses cover an unlimited number  of topics, applications and content. They  are for internal, proprietary use or for resale, or both.  There is no fee for access.
  2. Public Access  to IDT Learning  Experiences. Courseware  developers are  bound by smart contract to make a generic version of the course(s) they develop using MindWalk IDT shareware for posting on the MindWalk Learning website.  The generic courses are in a form readily usable by third party learners. MindWalk Learning publishes the courses for the benefit of the general public. There is no fee for access. Members of the public register to access the learning service offering and must agree to have the results of their learning efforts registered on the MindWalk blockchain.
  3. Advertisement to End Users. Third-party advertisers purchase advertising time/space on selected courses in the MindWalk Learning catalogue using tokens. 
  4. Learning  Consultancy. Third-party  learning consultants  offer professional services  to courseware developers and MindWalk Learning public end-users. A wide range of services are  offered including assistance creating and developing courses using IDT shareware, tutoring, etc. Learning consultants are paid for their services with tokens.

Advantages of MindWalk Tokens

MindWalk tokens offer many advantages.  Among these are,

  1. Next generation IDT learning made available at no cost to public end users.
  2. Underwriting of powerful IDT course development tools for course developers.
  3. Cost-free,  trusted training  outcome documentation  and verification via the  MindWalk Blockchain.
  4. Entree for educational consultants in a valuable marketplace.
  5. Monetization of a new, cost-effective delivery system for educational experiences.