Protocol & Ecosystem

MindWalk IDT Protocol and Ecosystem


The MindWalk IDT Protocol is a token-driven AI operating platform and ecosystem aimed at dramatically transforming the nature and quality of learning experiences, enhancing learning outcomes, establishing universal availability and democratizing learning access.  As such, the Protocol has as its focus a resolution of the current issues of learning optimization and delivery. With its successful implementation the Protocol offers the prospect of a radical shift in the way people learn, grow, and access learning experiences.

Different parties can take on different roles in the MindWalk IDT network Protocol and ecosystem. The primary forms of participation are as follows:

  1. End users may access IDT learning experiences on the MindWalk website at no cost. The learning outcomes of registered users are documented and made accessible on the MindWalk IDT blockchain.
  2. Course creators may access and apply IDT course creation shareware from MindWalk at no cost via smart contract.  As part of the transaction, course creators are required to supply a generic version of their created courses available at no cost to the public.
  3. App-builders may sell their value-add applications to IDT customers using MINDW tokens as the currency.
  4. Educational consultants may register using MINDW tokens to advertise their services and connect with course developers of all backgrounds and interests.

MindWalk’s Market

There is an immediate need for MindWalk IDT courses in the business and government sectors. Both  are multi-billion dollar markets eager to identify and implement learning solutions that save valuable time and money.  MindWalk anticipates that these sectors can be early adopters who will serve as the initial sources of generic courseware for MindWalk Learning.  MindWalk believes that the opportunity to acquire advanced, state-of-the-art courseware development capabilities at no cost can lead to a rapid adoption scenario.   In addition, there may be significant tax advantages associated with their contribution of generic versions of the courses to the MindWalk Learning website.

MindWalk  will initially make its IDT course-creation technology and services available to professional entities such as government and corporate customers with high-value opportunities – refresher professional training (doctors, lawyers), sales and business training (how to close a deal), and preparation for certification (stock broker Series 7, (MSSC certification).   Corporations, educational institutions and government entities will use them to reach out and engage learners in a new, highly-effective way that maximizes learning efficiency and  personalizes the learning experience.

MindWalk’s  larger vision  is to introduce  the Intelligent Digital Teacher  to Generation Z learners (today’s young adolescents), a group larger than Baby Boomers and increasingly resistant to the old, serial style of learning. It is our belief that today’s youth will readily adapt to our new form of learning because it offers them the opportunity to learn at their own style, pace and interest level. Most  important, they will focus on deficiencies rather than what they already know or can do.

Additional markets MindWalk, is addressing are:

  1. Healthcare
  2. General Education
  3. Higher Education
  4. International Markets (i.e., Latin America; Asia)
  5. Public consumers.