The Engine

MindWalk’s “Learning Innovation Engine”

About the Engine

The MindWalk “Learning Innovation Engine” is a descriptor for the system and platform designed to execute the MindWalk IDT Protocol.  As the Engine functions it contributes positively by resolving the issues of:
  • Optimized learning
  • Universal availability
  • Democratic access
Of note is the fact that the “Learning Innovation Engine” is emergent – by design, it has the ability to modify itself, expand and grow organically as it adapts to new opportunities, contexts and events.  It is also sustainable because it incorporates dynamic incentives that assure the continued participation and support of all participants.

Key Engine Terminology

The MindWalk Token

Objective — Serves as the coin of the realm and a funding vehicle to achieve the objectives of General Education Systems, Ltd. Linked directly to the operations of the MindWalk “Learning Innovation Engine”.   Serves as currency for various MindWalk transactions such as advertising purchases on the MindWalk Learning website.

Token Issuance — Will be orchestrated and managed by General Education Systems, Ltd.  The MindWalk token offering will be international.

Token Holders — Purchasers of MindWalk tokens.  Holders of a minimum of $5,000 USD in MindWalk tokens are granted non-exclusive access and productization rights to MindWalk IDT shareware with a waiver eliminating the standard requirement for courseware developers to make a generic version of the courses they develop with MindWalk technology available to the public in generic form.

Course Developers          

Prospective proprietary courseware developers including corporations, agencies and governments will be allowed to access MindWalk IDT shareware for free. There will be no restrictions on their application of the technology.

Proprietary Courses         

The IDT courses developed by courseware developers will be deemed proprietary, with all right and title to the courses held by the developer.

Generic Courses              

Courses contributed to the MindWalk Learning website. A pre-condition (via smart contract) of securing the right to access and apply MindWalk IDT shareware for proprietary applications is that the courseware developer must provide a generic version of the completed product for deposit to the MindWalk Learning website, where the course will be made available for public access and consumption at no charge.

MindWalk Learning          

An operating entity and web-based repository of generic IDT courses catalogued and available for global public sourcing. The inventory of the MindWalk Learning website is fed by contributions from proprietary software developers.