MindWalk Global Initiative

MindWalk Global Initiative is a for-profit Antigua-based organization establishing the MindWalk IDT Protocol, an intelligent  training protocol, smart courseware repository and ecosystem, with an aim to foster universal availability and democratized access to learning opportunities and resources. Contributions to MindWalk Global Initiative underwrite  the creation of MWALK – a smart token and key component of the MindWalk IDT Protocol and ecosystem. MindWalk Global Initiative oversees and supports various  resources to achieve its objectives, including other foundations, corporations and governments.

MindWalk Mission & Vision

MindWalk Global Initiative’s Mission: promote and support adoption of the MindWalk IDT Protocol, and base research, development and education to bring AI learning protocols and tools to the world.

Empower learning developers to produce next-generation intelligent teaching applications (apps). Build an intelligent learning education platform and ecosystem that democratizes global learning opportunities and engenders universal learning resource access, thereby empowering the masses.

MindWalk Learning

MindWalk Learning is a proprietary website on the Internet operated by MindWalk, Ltd. on a for-profit basis.  It’s purpose is to serve as a globally-accessible educational platform offering state-of- the-art intelligent learning experiences on a no-fee basis to the general public. The objective is to establish the context for an emergent, sustainable, rapidly evolving learning ecosystem with no barriers to those with a desire to learn.

MindWalk  Learning allows  users to upload IDT-created  courseware, engage in IDT formatted learning, rate, share, add to favorites, report, comment on courses, and subscribe to other users. It  offers a comprehensive catalogue of intelligent learning courses created by various entities ranging from governmental and corporate entities to individual users.

The content on MindWalk Learning is uploaded in generic form by organizations, businesses, and professional courseware developers, but individuals with access to MindWalk IDT course creation shareware may also develop courses and upload them.  All courses uploaded are in generic form without restriction of usage or copyright issues. Courses deemed potentially inappropriate are available only to registered users offering themselves to be at least 18 years of age.

Unregistered users may only take courses on the site, while users registering via smart contract are  permitted to take an unlimited number of courses, with the results of their learning experiences recorded on the MindWalk IDT blockchain. Learning outcomes and other relevant registered user information is available for verification on the blockchain by third parties, subject to the prior approval of the user.

MindWalk  Learning earns  advertising revenue  from SmartAd, a program  which targets ads according to site content and audiences.   Access to learning experiences on the website is free to the public. MindWalk Learning does not charge users to access or take courses.


The MindWalk Intelligent Digital Trainer (IDT) protocol enables token-driven AI learning experiences  on the smart contract MindWalk blockchain.  MindWalk IDT tokens enable creation and delivery of professional, individually-tailored learning experiences constructed with MindWalk’s advanced Intelligent Digital Trainer (IDT) course development tools. All courses are created  and licensed under smart contract using MindWalk’s IDT technology and course construction methodology. Training outcomes and associated data are recorded on MindWalk’s blockchain ledger.

MindWalk’s white paper has presented an argument for implementing the MindWalk Protocol and its associated platform and ecosystem as an effective solution to the issue of optimizing the learning process and implementing an affordable global delivery mechanism. The Protocol is a sustainable, self-maintaining “course creation engine” with true global reach and extensibility.


We  would  like to express our gratitude to the many people who assisted us as we developed the IDT Protocol.  A special thanks to Dr. John R. Crosscope.  Your support and feedback were essential to us in creating this opportunity.  Thank you. ~The MindWalk Team