Learning Innovation Engine

MindWalk IDT (Intelligent Digital Trainer) courses created and submitted by MindWalk users with free access and distribution to the public. 

A Working Prototype

MindWalk  now possesses a working prototype of the AI-driven Intelligent Inference Engine.  The prototype’s technology successfully demonstrates baseline functionality that accomplishes all of its key objectives.  This is particularly significant in view of the fact that the Intelligent Inference Engine is essentially the heart of the system.  The AI Engine is the key to personalizing learning experiences and outcomes.  The fact that MindWalk has a working prototype of the technology places MindWalk well down the road in the development process and facilitates product rollout.  MIndWalk will use the prototype to develop more advanced versions of the Intelligent Digital Teacher with the goal of offering enhanced interactivity and learning efficiency and a better overall product.

The Technology

The Blockchain

The Great Chain on being sure about things.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Teaching people the smart way.

Interactive Teacher Avatar

Personalizing your learning experience.

MindWalk Protocol White Paper

The Next-Generation Pathway to Learning

Read our white paper and see how our next-generation pathway to learning via AI & blockchain-driven platform will innovate the future of learning.

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“Empower leading developers to produce next-generation intelligent teaching applications. Build an intelligent learning education platform and ecosystem that democratizes global learning opportunities and engenders universal learning resource access, thereby empowering the masses.”

Iven Margolis

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